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constantine:Empire of rome who stopped the persecution of christians. and in 324 made christianity the official religion of the roman Empire . (in 330 he moved his capital from rome to byzantium and renamed it constantinople.

justinian : during the fifty century, germanic tribes moved into the western part of the roman empire and established their states. In contrast, the roman Empire in the forces. became enoeror of the eastern Roman Empire in 527. He was determined to restablish the roman empiro in the entire. Mediterranean world. by 552. he appeared to have achieved his goals. he had resored the roman Empire in the mediterranean. and syria, however only three years after justinian`s death in 565, the lowbards had conquered much of Italy, abd other areas were soon lost.
The result was the body of civillaw. this Empire until its and in 1453 Further more. It was also used in the west and became the basis for much of the lega system of Europe.

constantinople: Riots in constantinople in 532 caused wide spread destruction. afterworld, Emperor justinian rebuilt the city and gave it the appearance it wirld keep for almost of thousands. constantonople was the largest city in Europe during the middle ages.

: Monotheistic religion that emerged during the first centurt A.D(a religion based in the thechings of jesus christ and the believe that he was the son of god.)(RITUSLS SACRAMENTS: Baption, Holy communion-mass , Penance , Marriage, Holy orders, Confirmation, Last rites.)

justinian`s code
: justinian`s code was the result of Emperor justinian`s desire that existing roman law be collected into a simple and clear system of was or "code" triboniab, a legal ministerunder justinian, lead a group of scholars in a 14-month effort to codify existing roman law. the result was the first justinian cidem completed in 529. this code was later expanded to include justinian`s own laws, as well as two additional books on areas of the law, in 534 the justinian code, made up of the code, the digest and the institutes was completed.

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